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Twenty-five years ago, one of the most successful IT entrepreneurs of our time Bill Gates said ‘content was king’ and with the rise of digital technology, it’s now true more than ever.

Quality Content Counts

There’s a raft of websites out there and everyone wants theirs to stand out from the rest. People read quality content. Companies with blogs generate 55% more website visitors than those who don’t create posts according to research from software developer Hubspot. Remember original articles have multiple uses as they can be shared on your social media outlets.

If people find your website content original, you’ll be building an audience and raising the profile of your company. Plus, it all helps to increase your Google rankings as fresh content with SEO will push you up the search engines.

Let us do the grafting

Writing quality content can be time-consuming, so If the thought of writing your own blogs overwhelms you, let us do it for you. Our team of experienced writers can produce blogs weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ad-hoc. They’ll produce unique articles relating to your business which is grammatically correct, engaging and easy to understand.

Tell us what you’d like us to write about or let us come up with some ideas for you. We can also write testimonials or staff biographies. People like to know how your business started, every company has a story so why not share yours? One of our team can interview you over the phone or in-person and then write an article about how your company started. It will mean your website is far more personal for your customers or clients.

Total Click Solutions have expert copywriters available that will happily sit down with you. With competitive prices and a quick turnaround, ring us to find out more about our content creation services. Contact us today.

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