Does Web Hosting Affect SEO Rankings?

SEO, search engine optimisation can make or break your business. SEO is a prime driver of conversion. It is bringing people to the right place at the right time. Total Click Solutions helps companies with SEO and hosting in Perth and worldwide. You don’t have to do it alone. Below we’ll share four ways your web hosting can impact your SEO, from web design to page speed.

Web Hosting Page Speed

The speed at which your website pages load does indeed directly impact your performance in search rankings. Fast websites should be part of your SEO strategy as this will help your website get bumped to the top search engine page results, while slower sites simply won’t.

Most consumers don’t visit the second page of search engines rankings, so landing on the first page is essential. There are many factors that affect your website speed, and your web hosting is one of them. Some website builders like Shopify will tell you your speed score as compared to other websites or you can use tools like Google’s “PageSpeed Insights tool” here.

Application Optimisation

If you are not building a website entirely from scratch, your current website builder should have applications available to increase the speed. These applications are vital since they will enable you to customise your website further, provide more images and videos. However, keep in mind that in some cases the more applications you add, the slower your site will become. As mentioned above, speed is directly linked to SEO and your digital marketing efforts.

We’re not saying to avoid applications since they can add a customisation level that improves your site overall. When you pick a website theme on your host, you must choose one that most closely aligns with your needs and has some sort of technical SEO application available that will help. Try to pick those with high-performance and great reviews.

Web Design Capabilities

With Total Click Solutions website design and web hosting services, we offer fast and reliable web design capabilities. These include media, keywords and descriptions that will boost your search rankings. Listed are some things to be sure your web hosting provides:


  • Title meta descriptions
  • Alt text for images and videos
  • Internal and external linking capabilities
  • Favicons
  • Content organisation (ability to include menus, categories, and have consistency across the site)


These are just some things that will affect your ability to include keywords throughout your site. It will also enable you to create a more professional site that affects your SEO. 

Type of Web Hosting

There are four main types of web hosting. Shared hosting is the cheapest option. You share a web host with many other businesses.  This makes it slow but a good option for those whose primary sales channel isn’t through their website or new startups on a budget. VPS, a virtual private server, is a step up. It provides more customisation.
  • Cloud hosting is excellent for businesses scaling quickly. It runs fast. However, it can breach easily. 
  • Dedicated hosting is the top dog. It belongs to you alone and is fully customisable. With this comes higher costs and required configuration knowledge. This is best for businesses with a large consumer base of thousands or millions.

Invest in the Best

Investing in excellent web design and hosting will give your business major returns. Consider the four steps above before picking a website host. With so many web hosting options to choose from it can be overwhelming to decide. Get in touch with a Perth SEO agency for personalised SEO, web hosting services and web design!

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