Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have come a long way from being a medium to connect people to a powerful marketing tool for businesses—small or big. They add a lot to your business, beyond the visual brand presence.

But, there are several mistakes even the most experienced social media marketers tend to make and often end up draining the budget. In this blog, we’ll discuss four such social media marketing mistakes in detail.

#1. The Word “Social” is Missing

No matter how much time you invest in social media marketing, it is all in vain if you don’t engage with your prospective customers. You need to actively engage with your users — drive likes, shares, and comments.

Regular engagement is a common key performance indicator. Still, most of the brands do not engage with their social media followers over the comment section or respond to the DM queries. Have a chat with them online, reply to their questions or feedback, and more. 

Let them know that your voice is heard. Even, don’t ignore the bad comments, it creates a really bad impression.  Having a highly responsive social media marketing agency in Perth  gives you a competitive edge over competitors.

#2. Being Inconsistent with Posts

We all know prompt actions open doors and consistency is indispensable to invite business opportunities. In fact, consistency is the heart and soul of any winning social media marketing strategy.

Every social media site has algorithms, but what’s underlying is that it promotes content on which the maximum users spend their time. If you publish less frequently on social platforms like Facebook, your views will gradually dip and someone else will steal the thunder. 

Inconsistency harms your brand reach and user engagement. But, consistency doesn’t mean publishing a post every day, instead sharing stuff that is relevant to your target audience. 

You must experiment with what you publish, like videos, photos, contests, you can do so much more to maximize engagement.  For that, you ought to do some homework. Find out what appeals to your users in a post—information, product offers, contests, etc.

#3. Heavily Depending on Social Media Tools

Without a dilemma, social media tools are handy, but, at the same time, you must not heavily depend on them. Use tools like Tailwind to gather valuable insights such as hashtag suggestions and engagement statements, and manage your workload like scheduling your posts. But, ultimately have an abductive thought process when deducing a tailored SMM strategy.

Your relationship with your prospective audience would be pretty unrealistic if you solely rely on these tools. For a better engagement rate with your audience, there must be a human connection. Interact with your customers online by going live on certain occasions, resolving queries, and reply to user comments. All this, eventually helps in building long-term relationships. 

A balance between the two could bring you ahead of others in the game. 

#4. Social Media Goals Not Defined

Your social media goals should be SMART to drive organic traffic to your business website, increase brand awareness or to increase sales. 

Have a clear vision with the content you want to publish. Set S.M.A.R.T goals

  • S for Specific
  • M For Measurable
  • A For Attainable
  • R For Relevant
  • T For Time-Specific

Whether you are running a campaign to build your brand or increase your revenue number, nothing can work, if the goals are not defined. 

Don’t waste time on posting day in and day out, without using a clear social media marketing strategy.


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