Elevate Your Business Visibility

Google Ads: Your Growth Catalyst

At Total Click Solutions, we understand the hurdles small and medium-sized businesses face in the competitive Perth market. That’s where we come in, offering a beacon of growth through expertly managed Google Ads. If you’re searching for a solution to elevate your business, we are here to light the path to success.

Beyond Traditional Advertising

Expertise in Google Ads

Navigating Google Ads can be complex, but with us, it’s a journey toward attaining your business goals. We’re not just managing your ads; we’re crafting a strategy that propels your brand into the spotlight, ensuring you attract the right customers at the right time.


We place your services in front of the eyes that matter most, significantly enhancing your online presence in the Perth market.


Drive potential customers to your website, increasing engagement and opportunities for conversion.


Stretch your dollar further with our meticulous budget management, ensuring every cent contributes to your growth.


Make informed decisions with insights and analytics that we translate into actionable strategies.

Our Mission

A Committed To Your Growth

Helping your business succeed with Google Ads isn’t just our mission—it’s our passion. Through targeted campaigns and continuous optimisation, we aim to deliver results that speak volumes of your business’s potential.

Growth Strategy

Every business is unique. Our Google Ads solutions are custom-made to fit your specific needs and goals.

Local Expertise

Understanding the Perth market gives us the edge in positioning your ads to resonate with your local audience.

Continuous Support

We’re with you at every step, offering guidance and insights to keep your campaigns ahead of the curve.

13 Years of Success in Perth

Local Solutions, Global Reach

Based in Perth, Total Click Solutions has been championing local business growth with Google Ads for over 13 years. Our intimate knowledge of both the local landscape and global digital trends position us uniquely to help your business flourish.

Ready to Grow with Google Ads?

Dive into the digital age with a partner that knows how to make waves. Total Click Solutions is more than a service provider; we’re your Google Ads expert in Perth, ready to elevate your business to new heights.