Empowered Google Marketing Campaigns

We Drive quality leads to your website through Paid Ads on Google. When customers search on Google, they’re actively looking for products and services like yours. Contact us today to learn more.

Be Seen on Google Search, Shopping & Display

Total Click Solutions understand that every business is unique and can have different online marketing objectives. With this in mind, we offer a range of Google ads campaign options to suit businesses of all sizes in Perth. We can create and manage bespoke campaigns of all sizes on networks including Google, Facebook, Instagram and Bing that are designed to fit your business goals. Our trained consultants will assess your requirements and recommend the right targeting solution and get a positive return on investment for your business.

Google Ads (AdWords)

Running paid ads on Google, Facebook and Bing is a highly targeted online advertising solution that gets visitors to a specific landing page on your website. Our Perth-based Google Adwords management solutions target customers by keywords, areas and products/services to suit your specific needs. We carry out keyword research and monitor user behaviour in order to produce a cost-effective and successful campaign.

Google Display

Getting your ads on a major website is easier than you might think with a Total Click Solutions Display campaign. With a network of over 2 million websites sites, that reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide* a huge global audience is within your reach. Reach customers on the web and in apps – across multiple devices. With Google Ads, display ads, you have the opportunity to display your ad on over two million websites and in over 650,000 apps, we design your ad campaign to reach your target audience.

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Google Shopping ads

With Google and Bing shopping ads you can get your e-commerce store products in front of the eyes that matter the most—the ones looking for what you offer, whether they’re at home, on the go, or in-store. You only pay when they click through to your website or view your local inventory. Shopping ads appear on Google & Bing Search, Images, YouTube, and more as images when people search for products you sell and include items such as price and availability.

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Remarketing campaigns

Google remarketing ads show ads to people who’ve visited your website or used your mobile app. When people leave your website without making a purchase or valuable action, remarketing can assist you in reconnecting with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.  Trust our Google AdWords management team in Perth for remarketing campaigns and notice the difference.

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