Writing a powerful Google Ad Copy is frustrating because you want to squeeze in so much, want to be creative, but with limited space, your hands are tied. 

Just 30 characters? How will I add the features & benefits, and contact details? Indeed, one heck of a challenge. 

You have to be creative and informative at the same time to stand out amongst the top competitors in the market. So, how would you do it? Here, in this article, we put forth pro tips to write an engaging Google Ad copy that drives measurable results. 

#1. Trigger Loss Aversion with Countdown Timers

What motivates a reader when they see a Google Ad? The answer is the prospect of losing something rather than gaining anything. This psychological force is termed as loss aversion, and it is a proven trick to increase the click-through & conversion rates of your Google Ad campaign. 

Injecting a little FOMO (fear of missing out) is now easy. Google has come with a countdown timer that you can include within the text Ad. All you’ve to do is to add the little snippet into your headline or description. The countdown will start in real-time as you enter the end date. Those who oversee this Ad will be motivated by the fear of losing; this gives you an edge over your competitors.

#2. Get Super Specific

Numbers are influencing and easy to digest. Hence, several studies show that current statistics in your Ad copy will appear more accurate & reliable. You don’t have to include a generic stat; include something related to your brand, like 500+ projects done if you are in the construction industry. You’ll achieve a high click-through rate with attractive numbers. 

With numbers, you become even more specific. The more specific, the more believable you are. You can always seek the expertise of a SEO agency in Perth to better guide with writing a compelling Ad copy.

#3. Be Hyper-Local

Most advertisers target more than one city when creating a Google Ad campaign, many even targets nationally. Even if you target worldwide, you need to be hyper-local. Your conversion rate will be doubled if the phone number with geographic proximity is there in your Ad. So, you can benefit from a geographic-specific Google Ad campaign; you can boost your results. 

#4. A Personal Touch

When writing a Google Ad, do you use words like we, us, me, I, and myself? Then, this is where you are going wrong; all these words cause loss of the internet. The best word to have a connection with your target audience is “You” to enhance reach and performance. 

We Are Awarded the Best Digital Market Agency, well too much about yourself? What can you do for me? “You can improve your website rankings,” this is more meaningful.

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