Public relations

Great public relations will forge links with the media and outside organisations and build the profile of your business to communicate your key brand messages, and enhance your reputation.

Impressive public relations can promote your brand through ‘earned’ or ‘free’ editorial coverage in the media, through news and feature stories, rather than a paid-for advert. It’s a way of generating positive publicity

Most people understand advertising is paid for by the client and view ads with a level of scepticism. However, editorial appearances on TV, respected publications and websites have the advantage of third-party validation and are generally viewed more favourably.


Done right, public relations can be very cost-effective, as editorial coverage can’t be bought, only earned. We can help you gain media exposure which is essential for building your reputation as a trusted brand. The more public exposure you achieve, the better your brand is perceived.

Using our PR tools and knowledge of the media we can help you use targeted public relations campaigns and events to foster your brand.

Working with you, we will analyse your organisation, find the great stories and translate these into positive media stories. When things don’t go according to plan, we can mitigate the damage caused by bad news by helping you formulate the best response to the situation and protect your reputation.

Promote your brand values

We can create public relations strategies which focus on your brand values, your key messages and your calendars, to ensure that your brand will achieve the best coverage both for planned events and landmarks, and in response to external events or breaking news.

Implementing a good PR strategy will not only improve your brand’s reputation to your target markets, but your company will also gain a reputation within media circles as a ‘go-to’ for comment and quotes in your field, so the opportunities to raise your profile and visibility will grow and grow.


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