Things You Must Know About Quora Marketing in 2020

Did you know the question-and-answer platform Quora gets 1.5 million visitors every month? Quora has the capabilities to bring truckloads of organic and relevant traffic to your website, which, in turn, can translate to potential leads & sales.

Why Use Quora?

A great reason to invest in Quora marketing is that top-ranked search engines such as Google feature Quora answers for related queries or questions in their SEPR results.

How to Get Started on Quora?

Step 1. Create Your Quora Profile

The first step is to create an optimised business profile on Quora. Make sure you upload a professional profile picture so that people can trust your words. Write a powerful yet easy-to-understand bio that tells who you are in a line or two. Avoid complex jargons or fancy words; make your bio as simple as possible. Don’t forget to add your website link and business social media links to drive organic traffic and generate leads.


Step 2. Find & Follow All the Relevant Topics

As you want to promote yourself as an expert in a particular domain or industry, find & follow all the relevant industry topics. It is to tell Quora’s algorithm to find all the relevant questions to these and answer them to show your vast knowledge and specialisation. For instance, if you run a digital agency in Perth, then answer queries related to Internet marketing on topics SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.


Step. 3 Answer As Much as Possible

To drive engagement to your Quora profile, you’ve to take the pain to understand each question and then answer adequately. First, focus on how to make the answer valuable to your audience like adding statistics, source link or practical example, then consider where to add your website like — this has to be the last thing on your mind. The answer has to be concise, not too long, or not too short. And, finally, no plagiarism, please!


Step 4. Connect With other Contributors

The most crucial step is to reach out to the top-performing contributors over Quora. You can find relevant questions, follow them. Analyse their profile to understand how they answer and engage with their audience.

How to Unleash the Power of Quora Marketing

Know Your Audience

You’ve to know what your prospective audience is to your business before you start answering the queries. For instance, being a digital marketing agency, your potential clients can be startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs CEOs or managers who look for ways to improve their business growth.


Add a Picture

Be it a blog or social media site wall; the pictures have an uncanny ability to draw the attention of your readers.  If your social media profile lacks the zing factor, consulting a social media marketing agency in Perth could bring you the desired returns. Apart from images, you can also publish infographics to communicate a message in visual form.


Answer Questions Quickly

To get more upvotes, you need to answer as early as possible. When the questions are fresh in the mind of the asker, they are most likely to upvote your answer. Being first, you don’t have to compete with others for the time being and will be regarded as original.

Final Thoughts

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