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Staying Visible Online with SEO

Are you wondering why your website isn’t getting any traffic? While many marketers and designers focus on how their websites home page looks, the fact is most of their site visitors may never see it.

We use search engines to cut out the middleman and go right to the pages we want. That’s why having your business prominent within these search results is imperative for success.

Being visible requires a comprehensive search engine optimisation strategy—including local, mobile and to a lesser extent (for now) voice. After all, If people can’t find your site, then they’ll get their information – and take their business – elsewhere.

Below is how we drive SEO growth for our clients:


  • By understanding opportunity through a full SEO analysis and strategy meeting
  • By planning a short and long term step-by-step growth program
  • By creating a scalable plan that traverses multiple business groups or markets

Be seen everywhere

Total Click Solutions is an SEO agency in Perth that offers a joined-up approach with SEO. Get us on board and we’ll create an SEO strategy to ensure your website is found on all the major search engine like Google, Yahoo! and Bing – and on whatever device your potential customers use.

To give your site the visibility it deserves, our Perth-based SEO specialist first analyses your needs and build a personalised SEO strategy that integrates your business goals. Then we will devise both short and long-term SEO growth programmes that are scalable and unique to your business.

Rankings without compromise

Our websites are built for visibility from the beginning. We do not sacrifice great design, natural-sounding copy and rich media content to get higher rankings. Instead, our SEO consultants utilise tools such as data collection and in-depth keyword research to learn how consumers are seeking products and services in your market.

This provides realistic projections and forecasts of opportunities within your target market. Once we understand what your customers are interested in and the language they use, we can create useful content which will earn links to improve visibility and return on your investment.

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