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Make Your Website One in a Billion

Here at Total Click Solutions, our mission is simple. To help our clients achieve their most ambitious marketing goals and strategic objectives. Central to that is your website. With more than one billion websites in the world today, it’s more important than ever to make yours stand out. That’s where we come in. Since 2012, our clients have trusted us to take their digital marketplace to the next level.

Stand Out With Our Website Design

We create aesthetic and modern websites that engage your audience and leave a lasting impression. Our approach to website design always has your customers at the forefront of our design strategy.

Unique Design

Your new-look website will reflect your unique brand while achieving the maximum aesthetic impact. We take a hands-on approach with our clients, getting to know them, and their vision for their company. Our job is to replicate that vision in your website.

Success in Mind

On top of creating aesthetic-looking websites, our websites are designed with an emphasis on conversion rates and user experience. Our approach to website design puts your sales targets and growth at the forefront. When conjoined with our SEO strategy, your website will get ranked highly in search engine results.

Versatile Design

Whether your audience is using a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, we ensure seamless user experience. Our designs are tailored to different platforms, and the use of Content Delivery Networks (CDN) ensures that your website will be fast and reliable.

Incorporate Your Social Presence

Our websites incorporating your social media feeds which help to drive engagement. This engagement can be between you and your audience or between the community as a whole. Either way, integrating your social media creates a more personal way to have a meaningful connection with your audience.

Website Hosting

As part of our offering, we take care of website hosting, management, and domain name purchase. We offer the best WordPress hosting and developer experience on a proven, reliable architecture that delivers unparalleled speed, scalability, and security. We take of everything for you.

Go Further with Total Click Solutions

In addition to being the number one choice for web design in Perth, we offer a broad range of services that help to grow your business across the digital board. We offer and provide support for Search Engine OptimisationData Analysis & InsightsSocial Media AdsGoogle Ads, and Google Shopping.

Get the Website Your Business Deserves

Whether you are just finding your feet as a business or looking to spread your wings, we work with you to achieve your digital marketing goals and strategic objectives. Choose the No. 1 business for website design in Perth; choose Total Click Solutions.

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