Track your marketing dollars with clarity.

Our platform allows you to track the source of your telephone calls with laser focus. You can delve as deep as you like into where your leads are being generated from, providing you with insights on what marketing channels are working best for your business. With Total Click Solutions, you’ll stop spending money on marketing that isn’t working — and learn valuable insights about your customers.

Real-time call reporting

Get instant access to data with real-time call logging. Your reports include keywords, the marketing source, and a call recording.

Call surveys

With an end-of-call feedback survey set up at the end of each call, you’ll be able to identify which of your keywords are attracting hot, warm or cool leads.

Powerful A/B split testing

Create insightful A/B split tests that provide you with valuable marketing data.

1300, 1800 & local numbers

A 1300 number gives your business a national and professional image, while a Local number provides greater local targeting.

Call recording

At the end of each call, a link is available to play back or download the recording. It can be used to train your staff and refine your sales scripts.

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