Call Tracking with Playback & Recording

Want to find out just which marketing spend is turning into sales and where you’re not getting bang for your marketing buck? Our deep tracking and testing services for both calls and written communications can help. Total Click Solutions’ conversion tracking technology allows you track the source of your incoming calls and emails with laser focus and reduces what you are spending on marketing that isn’t working. You’ll uncover where your leads are being generated from, providing you with insights on what marketing channels are working best for your business.

Uncover valuable data

You’ll be able to access real-time call logging, giving you data including keywords, the marketing source and a call recording, which can be downloaded and used to train your staff and refine your sales scripts. By setting up an end-of-call feedback survey, you’ll be able to identify which of your keywords are attracting hot, warm or cool leads.

Numbers game

If you want to increase your number of incoming customer calls, purchasing a 1300 (local rate) or 1800 (toll free) number could pay for itself. Both types of number can give your business a national and professional image, but if your target market is local, you may be better off keeping your local number. We can talk you through the options and help you decide if a special number would aid your business.

Split-test your communications

We can also help with A/B split testing to provide you with valuable marketing data. A/B testing – comparing the effectiveness of variants such as the placement of a call to action button – is a great method for working out the best online promotional and marketing strategies for your business. By narrowing down and combining the best elements of a promotion, you can increase profits. A/B testing can be used in everything from website copy to newsletters to search ads, and makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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