Cut through the noise

Even the highest converting and best-designed websites can be improved.

Total Click Solutions specialise in finding insights in a torrent of data that can be collected from today’s websites. By leveraging our experience in cross-channel media marketing, data collection and analysis, we implement improvements that have real and meaningful impacts on marketing campaigns, while lowering your acquisition costs to maximise profits.

To run marketing programs and campaigns that drive long-term value for our advertisers, we must also appreciate what makes their brands and products different.

To do this, we empower our clients with data that allows them to understand their customers and their habits. Creating data points provides insights that can make a great difference.

User Experience (UX)

Throughout the process, we go through the site as if we were a first-time visitor looking to convert. We also use live tracking; this captures where visitor’s cursor movements travel, what gets their attention and how they have interacted with your website.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

We will help you discover why your visitors are not converting and assist in determining any potential barriers. We will be asking questions like: Is the process confusing? Are your calls to action clear?

Testing Plans & Schedules

Once the data from underlying behaviour and experiments has been gathered, we then create a detailed and methodical testing plan so that every invested party is able to access a record of both current and future experiments.

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