data analysis and insights


There’s an abundance of data which can be collected from your website and can be harnessed to help you understand your customers and their habits. It’s all there – what they like and don’t like, why they buy what they do online and what sort of pages cause them to leave and look elsewhere.


Smart decision-making

By analysing the right data from visitors to your website, you can uncover valuable insights and make the right decisions to grow your business. But if your data language skills aren’t up to scratch, it’s easy to miss the key insights that can set you on the right track for success. If you are concerned that not enough visitors are completing sales and your conversion rate isn’t what it should be, our data analysis service can make a real difference.

Valuable customer insights

We specialise in this area, checking and analysing the data that can be collected from today’s websites. Our experience in cross-channel media marketing, call tracking, data collection and scrutiny, helps us empower our clients with conversion rate optimisation (CRO) so that they can understand their customers and their habits.

Website usability tracking

Throughout the process, we go through the site as if we were a first-time visitor looking to convert. We also use live tracking which captures where visitor’s cursor movements travel, what gets their attention and how they have interacted with your website.

We use conversion funnel analysis to discover why your visitors are not converting and assist in determining any potential barriers. Is the process confusing to visitors? Are your calls to action clear? We’ll find out If your site is confusing, it will obviously lead to poor conversions. We will help you use data evidence to implement improvements that have real and meaningful impacts on your marketing campaigns, so you can concentrate on maximising profits.

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