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With 8 in 10 Australians using social media every day, can your business afford to ignore it?

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Your marketing strategy can’t afford to ignore social media platforms. With a staggering 8 in 10 Australians now using social media for over 1.5 hours a day where else can your business get that sort of reach and assistance in building brand awareness? It’s simply the biggest conversation in the world right now. Total Click Solutions are Social Media Marketing experts located in Perth that have an in-depth understanding of social media trends and advertising opportunities. With a high level of insights, we target ads that engage audiences and create the most effective social ad campaigns for our clients.

With Social Media, interaction is key

Harnessing the popularity of social media with a workable social media marketing strategy is a relatively new but hugely significant marketing skill, and with the changing landscape, it pays to be where the clicks are and to be part of the conversation. Social media marketing opportunities have grown beyond simply social sharing to building reputation, establishing a brand’s personality and making a lasting impression on target customers. Companies which post informative, engaging or relevant social media content and positively interact with customers will gain trust and loyalty. At the same time, users won’t hesitate to unfollow companies they perceive to post irrelevant or unappealing content or too many ads on their timelines.

Balancing act

Getting the social media marketing mix right is a balancing act, and the right solution for your company is likely to be unique to you. Focused clearly on what matters most to your business, we can provide help and guidance to integrate digital marketing and social media with your overall marketing strategy, monitor your results and keep your brand relevant.

Turn problems into praise

Brand management and public relations on social media are critical to your long-term success. We can assist in turning potential customer problems into praise and referrals. Alongside your regular social media updates, your strategy can include targeted sponsored content tailored for the right platform for your target audience. This type of social media advertising can improve your presence and generate interest in your new products.

Tailored strategies

At Total Click Solutions, our Perth based social media marketing services can work with your in-house marketing team to get the best from your social media strategy. Alternatively, we can build and maintain your social media presence from scratch. We’ll help your business find the right tone of voice and style, to make sure you’re portrayed the way you’d like to be.

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